Monsters Are’nt Always Under The bed

Monsters Are'nt Always Under The bed

He sang me lullabies to wipe away the tears
The monsters under my bed soothed all my fears
Keeping my sheltered from the light
Where humanity chose to fight.

The link leads to the speed painting of this piece , click M to speed it up πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Monsters Are’nt Always Under The bed

  1. hi fc
    If God is part of life
    so is the Monster that completes you from inside
    if God tells you to smile
    you know what – Monster dies for your smile
    its not you who can’t see the Monster with straight eyes
    its the Monster who is terrified of your fearful eyes
    its not you who hides behind the curtains – under the bed or in some corner at night
    its the Monster who doesn’t know where to go – searches for a safer place
    and ends up by your side – your behind or your nearby
    its not you who gets troubled by his presence or him being there all this while
    its the Monster who gets panicked while seeing some stranger
    seeing his space being encroached and someone coming close to his sight
    its not you who feel all alone without light
    its the Monster surviving on its own waiting for someone to see him in new light
    Monster roams around in the dark without any friend and only foes & foes on its side
    looks here – there – everywhere for someone whom he could share his pain – grief & slight
    and yet everybody complaints about him – abuse him and curse him to burn in the hell fire – deep fried
    and read the sacred texts – sprinkle holy water on him and sing tantric hymns
    to get rid of its existence – its shadow and every bit of its satanic profile
    after all of this – you must be thinking why am I batting for monster
    why am I taking his side
    why am I highlighting his suffering – sorrow & plight
    well – no points for guessing – because its in me – its in you – residing in our mind
    and fighting with us all the time – only for one thing – one point
    accept him the way it is – no questions asked – and don’t try to change its style
    and voila ! we will see – it will be working with us – helping us all the time
    after all – he is the other side of the coin – why would he like to be left behind
    he too wants to meet the God – he too wants to get blessed
    he too wants to soak up the sunshine
    but he will wait for this turn – he will wait for his time
    he will wait for the Earth to go around the other side
    he will do everything to change the perception about him from wrong to right
    but the problem is – the age old issue is – the bone of contention is
    will we allow him to do all of this
    will we grant him – its fundamental β€˜Right’
    like you – like me – he too is living on this great Planet
    under the same Sun – under the same Sky
    then why this discrimination – why this intolerance – why this divide
    he too commands equal treatment
    he too demands its slice of the pie
    and he too deserves to live its own life
    without any difficulty – distress or fright
    come rain or shine – deep darkness or bright light
    lots of regards to you and to your β€˜M’ from my side
    come up & see me & my β€˜M’ sometime……………………………………………..

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