Tough Skins

Tough Skins

They tell us time is slipping through our fingers as if we had a firm grasp to begin with
which is ,in hindsight, such a strange thought considering time
is just a concept of control:
They say we have to ‘lend a hand’
What they don’t say is remember to get it back
Because while they’re using and abusing it
you’re struggling in the dirt
disjointed from a family because some
god didn’t agree with who you fell in love with
As if it was a choice
You fell so mercilessly in love it was more than a fall from grace
or a disgraced angel sent to hell
It was both brutal and beautiful as well
When you finally hit rock bottom and  found a mine of gold
It echoed like a laugh in the land of loneliness
Both brightening
yet worryingly out of place
and strangely insane
So you kept your distance
You shied away like a politician trying to keep their upscale suits clean
from the starving hands of selfish choices
Ignorant to the idea they carry a stench far more sickening
Because they’re the ones who tell us time is slipping through our fingers
Even though we have no hands, as we let them out long ago Only to have them stolen…


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